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Founded in Ukraine more than 30 years ago, AUG is one of Europe’s first and most advanced IT service companies. It partners with industry leaders all over the world and deploys its AI, data science and digital engineering expertise to push boundaries, amplify growth and innovation, accelerate digital transformation, and maximize sustainable value creation across multiple sectors.
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Our Expertise.

Utilizing best-in-class innovations to solve business challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

IT Teams

We are here to help maximize the working capacity and technical skill of your IT and software development teams.

We draw upon our 30+ years of experience to build dedicated teams that meet your objectives, fit into your structure, and act as a natural extension of your organization.
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Digital Transformation

Whether your critical day-to-day operations and your ability to scale are constrained by rigid legacy systems, your processes are not running as smoothly as your business requires, or you are venturing into new domains such as AI & Data Science, we can help.

Our Digital Transformation specialists apply industry best practices and utilize their world-class expertise to modernize your technology stack, delivering sustainability, scalability, and optimal cost effectiveness to your organization.
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Product Development

Our team has just the right combination of skill, experience, and creativity to deliver end-to-end product development solutions.

From idea hunting, concepts, and storyboarding to building a working prototype and getting it ready for prime time, we provide the full spectrum of services and have already helped hundreds of companies bring industry-leading products to market.
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AI & Data Science

Our highly accomplished AI researchers, practitioners, and data scientists provide our clients and partners with the tools, talent and knowledge they need to successfully design, deploy and grow AI & Data Science initiatives across their business.
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Startup Acceleration

We continuously pursue innovation and have built flexibility into our business model. As such, our R&D teams not only produce a constant stream of new ideas for our clients but also function as our very own internal startup generator.

And we are not afraid to bet on ourselves.

Independently, in partnership with others, or as investors, we have launched our own products in the automotive, healthcare, gaming, mobility, cybersecurity, AR, fintech, Big Data, and
other sectors.
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Create Value Through Technology

Our teams of experts around the world offer specialized industry knowledge, dedication, and creativity for long-term collaboration and value creation.

Technology Partners

2000+ Elite Level Engineers
30 Years of Experience in Technology
Our teams of experts around the world offer specialized industry knowledge, dedication, and creativity for long-term collaboration and value creation.
85% of our Clients & Partners are Long Term
Flexible and innovative business models focused on long-term collaboration and success.

About AUG Global

We took off in the early days of Objective-C as an ambitious group of young programmers led by their university professor. Over the last 30 years, we have parlayed our passion for progress and hunger for innovation into becoming a leading technology group with more than 2,000 senior staff and a global reach.

Today we build cutting-edge products and deliver value for industry leaders across the world, helping them leverage technology to achieve success.
Let's work together.
30+ Years of
2,000 Engineering
Client Base Spanning
5 Continents
12 Offices Across
8 Countries
Innovators and collaborators pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver value.
Office Building Labirint,
bul. “Doctor Peter Dertliev” 25,
3rd Floor,
Sofia, 1335
(+359) 895 10 20 90
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