• We have teams of data engineers, data scientists and mathematicians who practice & teach others Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • We have significant experience working with many big data companies.
  • We have deep understanding in building and productizing ML & DL.
  • We provide technological and methodological framework to enable solving of complex AI problems at scale. Specifically:
    • Fast prototyping to detect low hanging AI fruits. AI guide, from advice to building AI models for customers Big data and DevOps consulting & support Building and mentoring AI teams to complement customer manpower. Access to our tools & technologies Scalable research and development process. Common production environment and team Predictable and visible process

Threat Intelligence is one of our most prized and critical focus areas. Based on our own experience and research, we help enterprises to become intelligence-driven. Our teams of data scientists, data engineers and technology specialists work jointly with our clients to develop solutions that identify and prevent security breaches, fraud and other malicious behavior.

Examples of some of the representative projects we have completed for our customers in this category include:

  • Data access auditing, monitoring file activity, integration with external
  • analytical software
  • Big Data: Real-time Detection of Non-Standard Data
  • Recording & Incident Intelligence
  • Video Surveillance Solution
  • Real-Time Alarm & Monitor of Enterprise Systems
  • Sensitive Data in Cloud Monitoring
  • Multi-agent Corporate Security Monitoring System
  • All-levels of System Activity Monitoring
  • Email Live Monitoring and Filtering, Database Monitoring
  • Skype and Chat Monitoring: Firewall and Censoring
  • Web Traffic Monitoring and Filtering
BlockChain is one of the most intriguing technologies of our time that has a potential of changing the way we work and communicate in our shared economy. We established a BlockChainInnovation Lab and are investing heavily in research & development of block chain solutions for various industries
  • Data access auditing, monitoring file activity, integration with external
    • Platforms: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Emercoin
    • Traders DEX insurance platform
    • Supply chain integrity
    • DTL random generation
    • Digital assets management
    • Loyalty Exchange & Conversion Platfrom
  • Technologies evaluated and utilized
    • BitShares, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Qtum, ZCash
  • Crypto technologies utilized
    • ECDSA, SHA-256, Hashcash
cloud /

We provide engineering services for public, hybrid and private cloud solution stailored to specific customer business requirements. Our expert team of cloud specialists has developed cloud solutions for a number of our high-tech clients as well as migrated their existing legacy applications to cloud

We offer following cloud-related services to our clients:

  • Cloud Migration
    • Migrate business applications to the Cloud
    • Develop Cloud based applications
    • Application Modernization - taking advantage of Cloud Features
  • Cloud Management
    • Manage & Monitor applications and services in the Cloud for our
    • customers
    • Continuously assessments of clients' cloud footprints for optimal security, availability, performance, and cost-effectiveness
    • Cloud Testing
  • Supported Cloud Platforms:
    • Microsoft (Azure)
    • Amazon (AWS)
    • Google (GCP)