Case study

AI + Data Science

AI + Data Science
Underutilisation of tremendous resource
Design & implementation of a highly effective AI driven solution
AI creates value by saving time & effort


HealthCo* is a leading medical platform for personalized diagnostics and treatment.


The client has a large database of scientific medical articles which they were keen on offering to physicians for them to gain the insight quickly & efficiently on a specific topic, case, or condition, for example. Traditional search methods were not useful here as they yielded results with thousands of articles, making it nearly impossible to find useful information without many hours of research.


Using natural language processing and unsupervised machine learning techniques, we created an AI solution that clusters thousands of articles from search results based on their content. In addition, we built a sophisticated topic modeling mechanism to name the clusters and implemented several options to control the clustering process, making our AI tool flexible and highly intuitive.


Our clustering solution drastically improved the research process. By saving physicians significant amount of time and effort, it became one of the main tools of the platform, helping physicians find hidden gems in the vast ocean of medical science publications.

*We take the confidentiality of our clients seriously. The names in this case study have been changed but the challenge, solution and outcomes are real.