Case study

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration
The Challenge

Missing migration targets due to inefficiencies

Our Solution

Leverage our expertise, know how and best practices to optimise and build efficiency

The Outcome

Creating value by hitting annual migration targets and facilitating smooth business operations globally


EnergyCo* is a global leader in the oil and integrated energy industry with operations in over 150 countries


The client had a substantial number of business applications requiring migration to the cloud. The business suffered from the absence of a well structured migration technical issues support and inefficiencies in current cloud migration processes which slowed down migration initiatives significantly and resulted in the whole program falling short of its annual targets.


We started the project by enabling a team of qualified professionals to speed up the apps modernization and migration processes. We then took over a large part of the existing processes and applied our own optimization and automation techniques. We further enhanced and improved the processes by leveraging our expertise and skills to develop and deploy new migration focused technologies.


Our optimisation and automation dramatically improved the open tickets resolution speed and quality while through our team’s expertise and best practices we achieved significant improvements in the cloud migration speed & efficiency. Our work made a substantial contribution towards the Cloud Migration program achieving its annual targets.

*We take the confidentiality of our clients seriously. The names in this case study have been changed but the challenge, solution and outcomes are real.