Case study

Modernisation + Optimisation

Modernisation + Optimisation
Legaсy technology hampering operations
Design & implementation of innovative, state-of-the art solution
Technology creates value by unclocking full scale potential

The client/

LeisureCo* is one of the largest entertainment groups in the world.

The chellange/

LeisureCo had legacy ERP & CRM systems which were slowing down its business expansion plans due to the systems’ inability to scale effectively. The client reached out to us for help.

Our solution/

After a deep-dive into LeisureCo’s organisation to gain an understanding of their operations, requirements & objectives, we proceeded to researching, designing, developing and implemening a comprehensive solution to their problem from scratch. We built a new custom, cloud hosted platform for the client based on state-of-the-art micro-services architecture designed by us. Each micro-service has its own database with no direct connection to other micro-services and databases and all micro-services communicate via a service bus. In addition, to ensure minimal disruption to day-to-day operations, our solution works with the remaining modules of the legacy system, the hardware devices utilised by LesiureCo and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud provider.

The outcome/

The new platform we created now allows for cost effective and limitless scaling of operations, ensuring the client’s ability to execute on their business expansion strategies without any disruption.

*We take the confidentiality of our clients seriously. The names in this case study have been changed but the challenge, solution and outcomes are real.