July 24, 2019
Viktoriya Polyarush Social Media Coordinator, an avid reader with the passion for technology.

The financial technology market is constantly evolving. Mobile payments grow in popularity, more companies adopt blockchain technology and big banks adapt to (or buy) fintech startups. In order for you to always stay updated about the latest developments in the area of FinTech, it’s a great idea to read the blogs or FinTech news resources that will give you greater understanding of the hottest and most disruptive technologies and business models that will likely dramatically change the way we transact, manage, save and borrow money. In this article I will present you some sources which help me follow the innovations and changes in the realm of FinTech.

Finiculture is a blog maintained by Pascal Bouvier, a former French banker who is now a venture capitalist at Route 66, investing in emerging and high-growth fintech companies that deliver various products, including alternative payments platforms, digital banking services and insurance.

Fintech Today is a blog created and maintained by Ian Kar, a widely known journalist featured in a number of publications, including Barrons, Fortune, Forbes, TIME, Business Insider and Fortune. Kar’s blog aims to analyze and understand what’s going on in the world of fintech. The site features in-depth analysis, news articles and interviews with top executives.

Finextra is a great site to follow all things FinTech. They are a leading newswire and information source covering a wide range of research articles, features, white papers and case studies. High quality authors from across the world contribute to the Finextra community.

BankNXT is a portal with content from thought leaders in banking, investing, FinTech, insurance and payments. You can also listen to its FinTech podcasts series that explores the traits and acumen of successful FinTech entrepreneurs.

Pymnts is a major platform for payments and commerce. They share news and research articles on B2B and retail payments. The brain behind Pymnts, Karen Webster is one of the world’s leading experts on emerging payments and she shares opinion pieces on a wide range of topics.

Finovate runs FinTech conferences around the globe, and has attended and presented at banking and technology events for 20 years. Apart from FinTech, their blog focuses on event roundups, interviews with industry influencers and banking and financial services innovations.

CoinDesk http://www.coindesk.com/

CoinDesk is all about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Ethereum, with a constant flow of news, guides and research papers, as well as events coverage.

Crowd Valley Blog http://news.crowdvalley.com/

This blog will help you to find insights about Fintech applications, market movements, regulatory development and trends in digital finance, with a focus on online investing and lending, wealth management, real estate, business debt and open API.

 Daily Fintech https://dailyfintech.com/

An insight driven site that covers Fintech trends and analysis, targeted to an audience that include both entrepreneurs, investors and banks. Bernard Lunn, Efi Pylarinou, Arunkumar Krishnakumar and Jessica Ellerm are the authors of Daily Fintech and are all thought leaders of the Fintech industry with extensive experience in the field.

Finovate Blog http://finovate.com/blog/

This is the blog of the Finovate Group, a research and events firm focused on innovation in financial and banking technology. The publication covers Fintech innovation in banking and in the financial services industry, as well as the conferences they organize.

Bank Innovation http://bankinnovation.net/

Bank Innovation is another good resource for the financial services industry to stay updated on the latest news and insights about technology development in finance.

American Banker https://www.americanbanker.com

A well know source of news, information, and analysis on banking. The content of this publication covers breaking news, proposing in depth research and data on innovation, technology and regulation of the financial services industry.

FinTech news on Techcrunch. Techcrunch focuses on news related to tech, startups and social media. There are also insightful articles on the Fintech industry from Europe, Asia, etc. News pertaining to the area of mobile, gadgets and enterprise is also available through the website. If you are looking for information on relevant events, Crunchbase is the place to visit.

I do hope that you will find this information useful to stay tuned in the vibrant realm of FinTech!