Product Development

Product development
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With over 30 years of experience in building products we deliver end-to-end product development capabilities. From idea hunting, concepts and storyboarding to complete product building and continuous improvement, we cover the full spectrum of services and have helped hundreds of clients deliver industry leading products.

Our own

We cultivate innovation and we are the  fans of flexible business models. As such, our R&D teams are not only a constant source of innovation for our clients but are also our own internal start up generator. And we are not afraid to bet on ourselves. Independently, in partnership with others or as investors, we have launched our own products in automotive, healthcare, gaming, mobility, cybersecurity, AR, fintech, Big Data, and more.

Our work

Next Generation Telematics/

Plug & play device allowing  the remote vehicle operation functionality through a mobile app, and facilitating advanced data analytics for driver behavior, predictive maintenance & more.

Digital Human Organism/

The first of its kind, an in-silico human organism with 132,000 parameters showing true-to-life responses to the conditions, procedures and stimuli such as food, drugs, physical exercise… all in the cloud.

Digital Human Organism

Sports Media Platform/

The most advanced sports betting application in existence, providing millions of users with innovative online betting experiences through media & live sports content across a huge range of sports markets. 

Mobility As A Service/

A comprehensive solution for Smart City initiatives with a platform architecture covering parking management & traffic optimization, EV charging, car sharing & micro mobility.

Mobility As A Service

Data As A  Service/

Next generation data management tools, using innovative decentralized architecture giving users a control of their data and facilitating complete privacy and advanced security of information.

Data As A  Service

Augmented Reality Platforms/

A leading solution for Augmented & Mixed Reality experiences based on a proprietary server platform for real time collaboration and visualization across multiple devices & locations.

Augmented Reality Platforms

Food Delivery 


Forex & Binary Options  Trading Platform

Forex & Binary Options 
Trading Platform/

Sports Results  Tracking Application

Sports Results 
Tracking Application/

Big Data  Analytics Platform

Big Data 
Analytics Platform/

Digital Enablement  Platform

Digital Enablement