Middle/Senior 3D Unity Developer


AUG Global Technologies LTD is a Software Technology business with over 30 years of history. As we continue to grow and develop, the next step in our exciting journey is our brand-new office in Sofia.

So, let’s start creating history together!

We are looking for a 3D Unity Developer to join our growing team of 15 exclusive professionals, that have created The Only Digital Human Organism in the world AIBODY https://www.aibody.io/

The development of this state-of-the-art product is focused in the fields of Medical Education and Medical Advisory and has started about 1 year ago. Throughout this dynamic year AIBODY has already helped loads of medical students and now It’s time to move it on the next level and grow the capabilities of AIBODY, so we are looking for YOU!

Most importantly we offer you:

  • The product is ours, exclusive and innovative.
  • Additional Health Insurance covering dental health.
  • 24 days annual paid leave.
  • Remote / Office work in relation 3/2 on a weekly basis.
  • No Legacy code, only state of the art technology!
  • We invest in your further education and certification.
  • A small team in Sofia – we are focused on people growing fast in the company structure!
  • Team buildings and office activities, a lot of memorable moments to come.
  • Annual Wellbeing Allowance.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly international team.
  • Brand new office with everything brand new in it.
  • Diversity of ongoing exciting projects.
  • Humanity and trust are in the center of our mentality.
  • Transparent and open communication.


  • 3+ years of proven experience as Unity3D Developer
  • Has strong theoretical knowledge of C# syntax, basic knowledge of Unity3D framework, ability to follow code guidelines and style. Writes highly readable code, knows about common pitfalls and how to avoid them, understands code written by other team members.
  • Has great experience in Generic types usage and design with generic constraint.
  • Knows about threads, and how to create them, how to use asynchronous tasks, thread safety and synchronization.
  • Knows about ScriptableObjects, basic MonoBehaviour events (Awake, Start, Update), less-used MonoBehaviour events (OnBecameInvisible etc), their execution order in-depth, SendMessage, Coroutines and their types and it’s usages. Knows about Unity types (Vector2-4, Texture2D, Time, etc).
  • Knows about FixedUpdate loop, Raycasting and how does it work.
  • Knows about Mono runtime. Understands difference about editor and runtime representation for some objects.
  • Has experience creating asset bundles, and loading them (knowledge about Addressables is a plus). Used at least two types of serializers for own data.
  • Understands basic human-friendly controls and interfaces, can create placeholder UX and UI.
  • As great plus – knowledge about functional programming languages and approaches.

If you fit this description and like what you are reading, well we would be very interested to meet you!