February 5, 2020
Viktoriya Polyarush Social Media Coordinator, an avid reader with the passion for technology.

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn, said once that running a startup is like jumping off a cliff and building a plane on the way down. The good thing is that no one has to do it with his bare hands! There are plenty of tools out there, which can make this backbreaking project easier. Here are some of my favorite ones:

1. Slack

I guess I don’t need to introduce this tool to anyone. It’s the best way to communicate with your whole team. Integrations with other tools make it even more awesome. You can create many rooms for the people working on different tasks, which makes it clear and easy to follow.

2. SaaS Manager

A platform that helps startups to build cloud applications 3+ months faster. It provides common features in from of APIs & simple web application, that are required to build cloud applications, but are not the core of the business.

3. Appoint.ly

A tool for streamline appointment scheduling. Integrating with all my calendars makes scheduling appointments super easy. You can set various types of meetings, put your welcome message, it integrates with all the major calendars and – the best thing – it sends the reminders about the upcoming appointments for you and your prospects. No more back-and-forth e-mails!

4. Trello

Nice tool to keep your work progress clear. You can arrange larger projects into “boards”, assign other people to your project, share tasks, files, and comments. It lets you visualize your to-do list in a way that’s easy to follow which really helps you manage your time.

 5. Brand24

I’ve started using it very recently and so far it’s the best tool for social media monitoring I know. It searches the Internet for the set keywords, allowing you to track mentions, brand, name, competitors, news from the niche and whatever you need. It helps you track your online presence and reputation (don’t hope that all the opinions about your product will have @ or # to be easily tracked!) but also reach the ambassadors, influencers, and potential customers.

6. Buffer

A smart and easy way to schedule content across social media. The free plan that lets you connect a profiles from each network (one from Facebook, one from Twitter, etc.) and to schedule ahead 10 posts for each network.

7. Startup Stash

A directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup. This is a good starting point.


Here you can find free legal agreements. You can create, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds. It’s effective and simple to use.

9. Freebbble

This site features more than 1,000 high quality designs made by Dribbble users. Most are editable and can be used for web or mobile.

10. Type Form

There’s a free plan for creating surveys, forms, payment forms, etc.

11. Squadhelp 

If one fails to come up with the relevant name for the startup  – this resource is a must! Squadhelp helps you come up with the perfect name for your startup. Their unique combination of crowdsourcing, rapid brainstorming, and agency-level validation features can help you find high quality brand names quickly.

12. Germ.io

This tool validates your ideas and shares your vision by showing off the big picture. Moreover, it evolves your idea by throwing in the next steps and shapes it up in detail. Germ.io gets you on the road to create actionable ideas, helping you define all the hows, whats and whys you need to get going.

13. Chartio

It is simple to set up and easy to use, explore the world’s most popular data sources in real-time by working with your database, not a data warehouse.

14. Curator

Curator is an amazingly simple “modern creativity tool” for your iPhone and iPad. Curator lets you create a visual grid where you can quickly add and reorganise different types of content together, from the very first fragment of an idea all the way through to presentation.

15. BetaList

BetaList provides pre-launch startups with their first hundred users. Their aim is to help startup founders better understand their customer through qualitative and quantitative research so they can make sure they are building the right product for the market.

16. Zoom

Zoom is a fast and reliable video conferencing software that works great for internal and client meetings alike. It features screen-sharing, annotation, and cloud-hosted meeting recordings that you can automatically upload and share. A great use case to keep your team in the loop is to use a fixed room for recurring team meetings and integrate it with Slack to automatically share the recording with participants afterwards.

17. Toggl

Toggl connects with over 100 apps you use everyday to provide accurate and automated time-tracking for teams, agencies, and freelancers. By logging your activity, Toggl can generate reports on what you did with your time at work. This is great for analyzing your own productivity as well as showing clients proof for billable hours.

18. eClincher

eClincher allows you to curate, queue, and share online content with its Chrome extension. It also suggests pieces of content that may fit your niche, saving valuable curation time.

19. BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo is a content research tool built on top of a huge database of backlinks, shares, and popular posts. Find the hottest articles in your niche, identify who linked and shared, then use the insights to build successful content strategies.

20. NerdyData

NerdyData is a search engine for source code. At first, that might not seem like it applies to your startup, but think about this: If you’re an Intercom competitor and want to find (and poach) all of intercom’s customers, all you need to do is search NerdyData for everywhere the Intercom widget appears on the web, and you’ve got a list of leads.

Startups need to move quickly to survive. And, do it with very limited resources (especially money and time), while wearing many different hats, without much training or experience. As a result, it’s critical for founders to arm themselves with a toolset to navigate the turbulent flight path, and remain as lean and efficient as possible.